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Dear Patients,

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Bruce Richman will be merging his medical practice with our practice at our present location here in Souderton. We have full confidence that Dr. Richman will provide you with excellent care, as we know him to be a very conscientious Family Physician. Like me, he is an Osteopathic Family Physician who functions as an established Patient Centered Medical Home. He is a member of the Medical Staff at Grand View Hospital in Sellersville, and is a provider for most of the health insurance plans in our area. Through a mutual Business Associate Agreement Dr. Richman has agreed to assume legal custodianship of our medical records, and he has agreed to be available to provide you with medical care beginning April 1, 2018.

This plan will assure the continuity of your medical care here, as I ease into retirement this spring. I will be available to provide medical care until midnight, April 1, 2018.

We anticipate that there will be a brief transitional period beginning April 1, during which Dr. Richman will provide for your care at his current office at 817 Lawn Avenue, Suite 1, in Sellersville, Pa. This transitional period will provide time for us to complete some renovations of our office in Souderton, and allow for the time needed to re-locate Dr. Richman's practice here. We anticipate that Dr. Richman will move into our office no later than June 1, 2018. Beginning April 1, you will be able to reach Dr. Richman's office by phone at 215-257-1736.

Our Medical Assistant, Chris Yeager, will be remaining with the practice during this change. So if you have a scheduled follow-up appointment with me on or after April 1, Chris will be contacting you in order to facilitate the scheduling of an appointment with Dr. Richman.

We have also notified your health insurance carrier that Dr. Richman will be assuming the responsibility of your medical care. Therefore, if your insurance carrier requires that you be assigned to a particular primary care physician, the insurance carrier will automatically
transfer your care to Dr. Richman's panel effective April 1, 2018.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to have provided medical care for you during the years we have been in practice! We thank you for your confidence and trust in our ability to provide you with care for all these years. Working as part of your healthcare team has been a very rewarding experience and a wonderful career for us. We consider you to be not only our patients, but our friends as well. We hope that you continue to enjoy good health and happiness in the coming years.

With warm regards,

Dr. Richard Byrnes, Mary Beth Byrnes, MSN, RN, and Christine Yeager, Medical Assistant.